How to Get more Emoticons on iOS 9+

iOS 9 comes with several improvements. Apart from having new features, you can find some enhancements. For example, you can find so many emoticons on iOS 9. No matter whether you use stable version of beta version, you can simply find some emoji on iOS 9.

Nowadays, we are using emoji a lot. In fact, whenever, we need to send quick reply to someone, we send an emoji. On the other hand, developers are developing different types of emoji in order to show the expression. From Facebook to Google Plus, Android to iOS, you can find those emoji everywhere. In these present days, emoji is everywhere as this is very useful and it doesn’t take additional memory to be stored in your device.

iOS emoticons

If you are using iOS 9+, you can find some awesome emoji. Although, they look same as other devices such as Android, but you can certainly find distinctions. On the other hand, this is very easy to use those emoji on iOS. Whenever, you need to send any emoji, just tap on respective button and choose an emoticon.

However, iOS has a brilliant option that will let you get more emoticons on iOS 9+. Although, you cannot find them without enabling some options, but they are in-built in your device. This is certainly a plus point for iOS as it comes with a huge list of in-built emoticons.

Get more Emoticons on iOS 9+

Actually, there is a keyboard in iOS that is basically a keyboard of emoticons. You cannot ABCD on that keyboard. Instead, emoji will come out while pressing those buttons on the respective keyboard on iOS. You just need to enable the keyboard on iOS in order to get more emoticons. Therefore, follow these following steps.

At first, go to Settings and tap on General. Following that, select Keyboard. Here, you can find your enabled keyboards i.e. English etc. Just tap on Add New Keyboard.

On the following screen, you can find some languages. Just select Japanese and Ramoji respectively.

Get more Emoticons on iOS 9+

Now, as the keyboard is enabled, you can use that anytime. To use the newly activated keyboard, tap on the Globe on your keyboard and select the recently activated keyboard. As this is in Japanese, you can find some Japanese words. Now, whenever, you will tap on any word, you can find some emoticons on your screen. For testing purpose, you can try this in Notes.

That’s all! Try the new emoticons and do let us know your opinion.


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