How to Get Facebook Messenger Like Chat Head for WhatsApp and Gmail

Facebook is constructing their apps in such an elegant manner in which everyone is able to get assistance from their developed apps. Concurrently, they incorporate distinctive handy features what are aiding all types of people, who use Facebook. For example, Facebook has Facebook Messenger, which assists users to chat with Facebook friends.

Instead of using the standalone Facebook app, you can simply use Facebook Messenger if you want to just chat with friends and ignore all the other happenings. This is as simple as that. Facebook Messenger comes with an awesome feature that is called Chat Head. If you have ever used Messenger, you may know what Chat Head is. However, if you haven’t used Facebook Messenger on your mobile, let me explain.

Whenever, you get any message, Messenger will show the sender’s profile picture as a round popup icon along with the message. You can always find the last sent message from the sender. However, it just helps users to notify that someone has sent a message and you should check that out.

Notifly for Android

On the other hand, there is another popular instant messaging service called WhatsApp. If you often use WhatsApp, you may get a lot of messages everyday. Suppose, you are playing games on your mobile and keep getting messages on your WhatsApp account. To reply to the sender, you have to open WhatsApp, type the message and hit the send button. This is what a regular WhatsApp user does.

But, if you are playing games, there is a high chance that you will lose your concentration by switching the apps frequently. Therefore, here is a solution that will let you get Facebook Messenger like chat head for WhatsApp and Gmail as Gmail is equally popular.

Get Facebook Messenger Like Chat Head for WhatsApp and Gmail

Meet Notifly, which will assist you to get chat heads for Gmail and WhatsApp. At the same time, you do not have to leave the current app to reply to the message or email as the Type Message option will be there alongside the chat head. Depending on the app, you will get Mark as Spam and more other features inside the chat head. This is also possible to expand the chat head so that you can reply properly in case it is very important.

Notifly is a free Android app that requires Android 4.4 and later version to run. If you are using Android Marshmallow, you may have to provide additional permission as well. Anyway, at first, download and install Notifly on your Android mobile. Therefore, you have to allow this app to access your notifications.

Notification settings for Notifly

Following that, you will get a screen like this,

Notifly for Android settings

Where you can enable or disable chat head for Gmail, Hangout and WhatsApp. It comes with some settings as well. You can change the chat head color, badge etc.

How to Get Facebook Messenger Chat head for Gmail and WhatsApp

That’s all! Just download Notifly and get Facebook Messenger like chat heads for Google Hangouts, Gmail and WhatsApp.

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