How to Get Firefox Like Download Manager in Chrome

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox doesn’t need any introduction as they are the best web browsers available for different platforms. You cannot compare them as well because both of them have some similar features and they are awesome in their own track. For example, Google Chrome is fast and very healthy web browser. On the other hand, Firefox take more bandwidth to show a webpage. There are more other tiny things which can be compared but there is no such overall competition at all.

If you are a Firefox user, you can easily find a user interface that shows all downloaded/downloading files in a row. In other words, you can find all the download file without opening any other page in the Firefox. That particular thing has an advantage. For instance, you can easily do your work as well as check which is downloading and which has downloaded already. It doesn’t consume any time.

Google Chrome Logo

However, Google Chrome has a dedicated page, where you can find all the download files. You can open that page by clicking on Menu >> Downloads or pressing Ctrl + J etc. Here you can get all the download files. Although, this is not bad but it consumes some time to check your download progress. On the other hand, Chrome shows download files in the bottom of your screen. This is fine if you have a large display but it produces problems if someone has smaller display.

Now, if you want to get Firefox like download manager in Chrome, here is a solution. This time, you have to install a third party extension to get things done.

Get Firefox Like Download Manager in Chrome

There is an extension called Downloads – Your Download Box, which will let you get Firefox like download manager in Google Chrome. This is obviously a free Chrome extension and you can find it on Chrome Web Store. You do not have to do anything in order to get such Firefox style download bar in Chrome. Just install this extension on Google Chrome. Following that, you can find a new icon next to your URL bar. Just click on that to get all downloads.

Hope this little extension can help you a lot.


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