How to Get Floating Home Button on iOS

This is needless to introduce iOS as you know that this is probably the most useful and best mobile platform out there. iOS has several features, what other mobile platforms often try to copy as they are really awesome and very useful. For example, the Home button of iOS. There are several Chinese mobile makers, who often tried to copy and failed because no one can make mobiles like Apple does.

Anyway, the Home button of iOS does different things. For example, you can go to Home from any screen or open the app drawer even when you are on any window. On the other hand, this is possible to switch from one app to another by pressing the Home button for a longer time. At the same time, latest iPhone users can use the Home button as their fingerprint input device. That means, you can input your fingerprint to lock or unlock your device. In other words, the Home button of iOS does a lot of things and all of them are much needed.

Get Floating Home Button on iOS

Now, what if you can get another home button on your iPhone? This would be really useful. Isn’t it? To make that possible, there is an app that will let you get floating home button on iOS within a few moments. A floating home button means you do not have to press your physical home button. That implies you can use your iPhone using one hand without any gripping issue. At the same time, you can do all the things what the actual home button does.

Get Floating Home Button on iOS

To get floating home button on iOS, you need to jailbreak your device. Otherwise, this is not possible as there is a Cydia tweak that will do the job in this case. In addition, you should have iOS 7 or iOS 8 to install that Cydia tweak. There is a Cydia tweak called SPTouch that will let you get one screen home button on your iOS 7/8 device. This is a free and very useful Cydia tweak available for iOS.

To get started with this app, at first download and install this on your jailbroken iOS device. Following that, you can find a button that looks like this,

SPTouch for iOS

Now, open the respective settings that looks like this,

SPTouch Settings

Here you can change the floating home button size, transparency, color, border color and more others. This is suggested to use comparatively smaller button. Otherwise, you will have to tap it unnecessarily.

SPTouch home button does three things. If you tap once, it will take you to the home screen. If you tap twice, it will open the app switcher. If you tap and hole the button, it will lock your device.

That’s it! Hope this little Cydia tweak will help you a lot.

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