Get Some Free Dropbox Space By Connecting Your Social Accounts With Dropbox

Dropbox, the popular cloud based file syncing service allows users to earn some free space through referral sign ups. You grab the referral link and then share it with anyone via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites, hence inviting friends and other family members to sign up for Dropbox.

If your friends (or even strangers) sign up with Dropbox using your referral link and they install the Dropbox client on their computer – both you and your friend get some added Dropbox storage space.

Get Extra Dropbox Space Without Referall Signups
The good news is that Dropbox is offering free add-on space of 768 MB at, without the referral sign ups. All you have to do is perform any or all of the following actions and you will get an additional 128 MB of space for each completed action:

  • Connect your Twitter account with Dropbox – 128 MB.
  • Connect your Facebook account with Dropbox – 128 MB.
  • Follow @Dropbox on Twitter – 128 MB
  • Send a small feedback statement – 128 MB
  • Tweet about Dropbox – 128 MB
  • Update your Facebook status message – 128 MB

That adds up to a total of 768 MB of free Dropbox space without having to wait for someone to sign up with Dropbox using your referral link. When you connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts with Dropbox, a referral link is automatically posted to your social profiles. That’s pretty nice – some of your social friends might click through that link to sign up with Dropbox and you get even more free Dropbox space.

I completed all of the above steps and now my Dropbox account’s total storage limit has increased to 2.75 GB. Thanks to Lifehacker for the tip.

Tip: Let anyone upload files to your Dropbox account

Update: Later, if you remove the Dropbox application from your Facebook and Twitter profiles, the added space of 768 MB still remains.


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