How To Get The iOS 11 Control Center on Your Android Phone

iOS 11 is currently the most advanced mobile operating system from Apple and the official stable version of the OS was released a few months back for all the major iPhones and iPads including the ones from a few years back.

While the iOS 11 comes with a lot of interesting new features and performance enhancements, especially for the all new iPhone X, the major changes involve redesign of prominent system elements like the home screen layout, recent menu, control center and the notification panel.

Even though there are a lot of apps available for Android to achieve the look of the home screen and the settings app of iOS 11, there is no proper way to replicate the control center of iOS 11, until now. If you are a fan of that control center and want to replace the notifcation panel on your Android phone, then just follow the below instructions.

How To Get The iOS 11 Control Center on Your Android Phone

There are quite a few Android apps that actually attempt at replicating the iOS control center but none of them were stable and were accurate. Most apps either doesn’t provide proper control or just crash and burn when you try to change or control any system settings.

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But this method over here is a foolproof way to exactly replicate the control center on iOS 11 and replace it with the default notification and quick settings panel on your Android device.

Step 1:

First download and install the Control Center IOS 11 app from the Google Play Store on your device.

Step 2:

Now once you open the app you have to first enable the app by providing it access to modify the system settings. Just click on the bar at the right side of the screen and then enable the Allow modify system settings option to proceed.

Step 3:

Once the iOS 11 control center is enabled you have to now customize it so that it looks and performs exactly as the one on iPhones.

To do that, first head over to the app settings and then select the size option and then change it to your preference.

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Step 4:

Now open the position option from the settings and change the position from right to bottom just like the one on iPhones.

ios 11 control center

Step 5:

You can either enable the handle control present at the bottom of your screen to show at all places including the lock screen or just disable it if you want the effect to be more authentic.

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Step 6:

Finally you can now set the default apps and settings for specific controls like the default music player, calculator and camera apps by clicking on the respective controls.

Once you have modified and customized the above mentioned settings, you will now get the exact replica of the iOS 11 control center ready to use on your Android device.

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The app even supports the 3D touch feature of iPhones, like you can just long press on certain settings like the volume control or the brightness settings to enter into more advanced settings. You can also add your most used or favourite apps to the control center for quick and easy access.

You can also watch the quick demo video below to get an idea of how things work on the Control center iOS 11 app for Android.

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Did the app work well for you or did you find any issues with the app? What was your favourite feature of the app? Let us know your thoughts on the app in the comments below.

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