How to Get Markup in iOS 10

Apple has been doing something awesome with iOS 10. Along with so many new features such as Bedtime, low quality image, raise to wake, lock screen widgets, you can find some old features as well. There is no doubt that iOS 10 is about to be the one of the best mobile platforms for any kind of users. Although, Apple is pretty late in terms of bringing some features than Android, but you will ultimately get the chance to use some awesome features on your iPhone or iPad.

iOS has a pretty good features called Markup that helps users to draw free handedly on any image or writes on the image. Couple of other editing tools are also available inside the Markup bundle. Although, it is a pretty old feature but previously it was available only in the Mail App. Whenever, you send an email, you could edit them according to your wish using Markup. However, now this is available widely and that means you can use Markup in Photos as well.

What can you do using Markup in iOS 10?

How to Get Markup in iOS 10

You can basically do three things while having Markup on. First, you can draw free handedly over the image. This is also possible to select any color – it is limited though. You can also select the pen’s thickness. Second, you can use magnify glass to highlight something on an image. If you have an image of text and you would like to highlight something, you can use magnify glass to make that larger. Third, you can use text tool to write on your image. This is also possible to change font, alignment and size.

However, if you want to get Markup in iOS 10, you can follow this guide. There is no need to jailbreak your iOS device or install any third party app as the function is given by Apple itself.

How to Get Markup in iOS 10

At first, choose an image that you want to edit. Then tap on the Edit button that is visible in the bottom of your screen. It looks like three horizontal lines with circles.

Image Edit option in iOS

Now, tap on the Options or More button what can be found on the top of your screen. Generally, you will get it on top left corner of your screen.

Image Editing option in iOS 10

Following that, you can find two options on your screen i.e. Markup and More. Just tap on Markup to open markup tools.

Markup tool in iOS 10

On the next screen, you will get all the options those are mentioned above. You can choose anything and do whatever you want.

Use of Markup tool in iOS 10

At last, do not forget to hit the Done button. Your edited image will be saved separately.


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