How to Get OTA Updates Faster?

Recently, OnePlus has released Android 7.1.1 update for OnePlus 3. I know a lot of you haven’t got it yet. Don’t worry!

All the smartphone manufacturers roll out updates on the basis of the region. That means you have to be in Europe or America to get your hands on the updates first. Most of the companies roll out updates in America first.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can get such OTA updates faster. You should note that this tutorial never gets you update if the company hasn’t released it.

How to Get OTA Updates Faster on Your Phone?

I know we all want to keep our phone updated. With every update, smartphone manufacturers include security patches that make our smartphones even secure. And, you will have many exciting features with the new update as well.

So, are you ready to make the OTA delivery quicker than it used to be? Just follow the steps I have given below. If you are patient enough to wait for the update to naturally come to your phone, you won’t need this guide.

Step 1: First, you have to install a VPN application. I recommend you download Opera VPN. But it’s your choice which one to go with.

N.B. – Some of you already have been using paid VPN software since long. So, you don’t need Opera VPN. All you must do is installing the application of the same VPN on your phone. Once you open the app, provide the login credentials and you are done.

Why Opera VPN?

You might ask this question. Opera VPN is available for free to download. And, it never imposes any usage or bandwidth limitation on you. So, you can it as much as you want.

I have used about half a dozen VPNs in the past. Of all, I feel Opera VPN has the most easy-to-use UI. So, you can go with it. As long as we use the VPN to make the OTA update delivery quicker, you don’t need a VPN with tons of extra features. So, Opera VPN is more than enough.

Step 2: As stated earlier, most of the updates get rolled out first in America (and nearer countries). What we are going to do is changing the country on our VPN tool.

get ota updates faster

I hope you are using Opera VPN. So, open the app and hit the blue Connect button on the main interface. Alternatively, you can tap the menu button on the left-top corner of the screen and touch the switcher right next to Opera VPN label as well.

Step 3: You have to ensure that the country is Canada (the best possible pick on Opera). If you are using another VPN, you can take the obvious choice, I mean the USA. In case the country is not Canada, tap on Change region and choose the right one.

N.B.- If you get the USA option on Opera VPN, you can go with that as well.

Step 4: Most probably, you will get an update notification now. In case you don’t see it, go to Settings>> System Updates (the steps change from manufacturer to manufacturer).

faster ota updates

There you have it. You can start the downloading process now. Don’t begin the download process if you are using mobile data. The metered connections are not advised for it.

You can follow this step whenever you hear about an update rolling out and you don’t get it.

Wrapping Up

I hope you understood how to get OTA updates real quick. The principle behind the process is virtually changing your location.

Opera VPN, being the free one and never makes you feel complicated about the UI, have been chosen here. You can go with any good VPN tool you like.

Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends and followers on social media. If you get any issues, leave a comment below.

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