How to Get Picture-in-Picture for YouTube in macOS Sierra

Once again, Apple has done a great job for their computer users as they have launched yet another version of Mac. This time, they have rebranded the name of this platform and now this is called macOS Sierra, which was launched at WWDC 2016. Although, this is a beta version but still tons of people have opted for this to experience new features on their existing computer.

This is not just another version of Mac. You can find loads of new features in this version. The most important thing is Siri, which is the digital assistant of Apple’s iOS. If you are an iOS user, you may know that your phone has a digital assistant called Siri, which can do several things on behalf of you. The same thing is now available for Mac.

However, another feature is called Picture-in-Picture. This particular feature is included only for and Safari. What it does is really useful and awesome. Suppose, you want to watch an online video as well as do something else on another browser tab. Let’s assume that you want to watch a YouTube video and browse more. Generally, you have to open a tab to watch YouTube video and then open another tab to browse YouTube or find another video. Obviously, you can place two windows side by side. But that would take some time to get things done.

This is where Picture-in-Picture comes in. Previously, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox had experimental extension or add-on. However, Apple’s new edition of Mac requires no such thing, which means, you can do that without any third party extension. However, you have to use Apple Safari browser. Other third party browsers such as Chrome, Firefox etc. are not in the supported browsers list.

Get Picture-in-Picture for YouTube in macOS Sierra

As there is an in-built option, you do not have to install anything else. Like said before, you just have to use Apple Safari browser. Therefore, open Safari in macOS Sierra. For your information, this particular feature is not available in any other version except macOS Sierra. Although, developer version is running on but you will get such feature in your Safari browser. However, open your Safari browser and visit YouTube. Here, start playing a YouTube video.

Now, simply right click on the video player. Do not right click on any other place, which will end up opening another thing. You have to click twice on the video player to open the corresponding settings. After doing that, you will get some options like these,
Get Picture-in-Picture for YouTube in macOS Sierra
After clicking on the Enter Picture-in-Picture button, you will be able to get a popup window where the same video will be playing.


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