How to Get Siri Like Digital Voice Assistant on Mac

Apple devices are awesome because of many reasons and Siri for iOS is one of them, which makes the device even smarter. However, on Mac, there I no such digital voice assistant like Siri. If you have Siri, you can do various tasks automatically. In other words, Siri will do the job on behalf of you. For example, if you want to call anybody, you can enter the voice command and it will do rest of the things. On the other hand, suppose, you want to open any app or want to know some answers of some questions. At such moments, you can simply use Siri to get things done. On the other hand, you can open Siri without using any physical button.

Unfortunately, Mac doesn’t come with such feature or digital voice assistant. Therefore, you will have to do all the things manually. But, what if I say that you can get Siri like digital voice assistant on Mac?

Siri for iOS

Yes, this is possible to get a Siri like digital assistant on Mac. Obviously, that won’t be Siri as Siri has not launched for Mac. But, you can get similar features. One more thing you should know that you won’t do all the tasks what are possible with Siri. In addition, you should make sure that you have OS X El Capitan on Mac. Otherwise, you won’t get a good or exact result as iOS or iPhone.

Get Siri Like Digital Voice Assistant on Mac

To get such feature on Mac, you don’t have to install any third party software as the feature is built-in. You just have to change few settings to get things done. There is a feature called Dictation on Mac, which will be helpful in this case. You can make use of Dictation to get a similar feature to Siri.

Therefore, at first, you have to enable or activate Dictation on Mac. To do so, do follow these steps. From Desktop, click on Apple logo that is positioned on top left corner. Following that, select “System Preferences”. Here, you will get “Dictation & Speech”.

Here, you will get two different tabs eg. Dictation and Text to Speech. Go to Dictation tab, select ON and Use Enhanced Dictation respectively.

Now you have to select some keywords so that you can give it some commands. For that, go to Desktop, click on Apple button and select “System Preferences”. Here, you will get Accessibility. Just click on this.

On the next screen, you can find “Dictation” on your left hand side. Now make a tick on the checkbox that says “Enable the dictation keyword phrase”. The default dictation keyword is “Computer” but you can change it anytime.

Now, click on “Dictation Commands”, make a tick on the checkbox that labelled “Enable advanced commands” and hit the Done button.

That’s it! Now, you can enter some commands like

  • “Computer, Start Dictation.”
  • “Computer, Stop Dictation.”
  • “Computer, select text.”

And so on.

Hope this trick will be helpful for you.

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