Get The New Facebook Profile Right Now

Facebook has just rolled out a new revamped version of user profiles, just visit and hit the big green button at the right that says “Get the New Facebook Profile”.

Note: The change from older Facebook profile to the newer one is permanent and there is no way to revert back, once you are done with it. Once it’s switched on, all of your friends profiles will appear in the same format irrespective of whether or not they have started using the newer version of Facebook profiles themselves.

Get The New Facebook Profile

The new Facebook user profiles page layout has undergone quite a few improvements than the older one. At first, the profile begins with a quick overview of your important profile information right at the top of the page – where you are from, where do you work, your birthday, current location, employers, relationship status, education and so on.

Then comes a quick row of photos where you have been tagged by your Facebook friends, this may be useful when strangers or old friends find you on Facebook and they might want to see some of your photos before deciding to connect with you. You might want to remove some of those itsy pitsy tagged photos, because they appear right in the middle of the new Facebook profile page.

Here is how my Facebook profile looks once I made the switch from the older Facebook profile to the newer one:

The Wall, Info, Photos, Friends and other tabs have been moved below your profile image and each of these page designs have also been overhauled. Pagination from the photo albums page has been removed – now all the photos from a particular Facebook photo album appear on a single page, making it easy to browse all the photos from a specific Facebook photo album.

Down the left sidebar, a column of “Featured friends” has been included. You can quickly bookmark those friends with whom you interact quite often and add them to the left sidebar e.g family members, spouse, teammates and so on. You may create new groups of friends or add existing groups to the “Featured” list. The right sidebar remains unchanged though, it still shows the older sections e.g “People you may follow” and the sponsored Facebook advertisements.

When you have upgraded to the newer Facebook profile, your friends who are still using the older Facebook profile will receive a prompt to make the switch, once they visit your Facebook profile page.

The news feed and account settings page remain unchanged and behave in same fashion as earlier.

To get an idea of how the newer Facebook profile looks, watch the video demonstration below:



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