How To Get Unlimited Free WiFi In Restricted Public WiFi

A lot of restaurants and cafe these days offer free WiFi for its customers for a limited amount of time as a part of attracting more customers. Even other places like public libraries, bus stops and super markets follow this trend and more often than not these all come with a restricted access.

Some of these free public WiFi connections get disconnected after you use certain amount of data and some of them have a set time limit like 1 hour or 30 minutes after which you won’t be able to use the free WiFi. While normally people doesn’t spend more time than this at these places, sometimes you might have to and if your free WiFi limit is over by that time you might be bored or have to use your limited mobile data.

So, if you are someone who frequently goes to public places and restaurants, then you might be interested to know that we have a trick up our sleeves using which you could now bypass these free WiFi limits and use the public internet for an unlimited amount of time.

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While there are multiple ways to do this we would be listing only the simplest and the quickest methods here by keeping your convenience in mind.

How To Get Unlimited Free WiFi In Restricted Public WiFi

Method 1: Spoofing MAC address

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In simple terms, MAC address or the Media Access Control address is the one which are used by various networks to identify your device. Generally public internet services use this address to recognize the device and limit the internet access.

So, basically if the MAC address of your device is different when the network provider scans for it, then you can manage to get access to the free internet for as long as you want. In order to change your MAC address and spoof it to something else, you can make use of MAC address spoofing apps available for free on the Google Play Store.

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Change My MAC – Spoof Wifi MAC is a pretty good app which allows you to spoof your MAC address and all you need to do is to change atleast one value of the address. However, this app requires you to have root access.

Method 2: Using DNS Tunneling

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Some restaurants or cafes generally redirect you to a certain login page or some default homepage where you have to either use a login id or a password obtained from them or use your personal credentials like your name or phone number to access the free internet.
Basically these services send all the HTTP requests from your phone to their default home page or login portal but they doesn’t reroute your DNS requests. So what you can do is tunnel your DNS address which is loosely similar to using a VPN service to hide your location.
By this way, the network provider won’t be able to identify your device and you will no longer be redirected to the login portal or the credentials page. You can use this Android app for changing your DNS address and the best part about the app is that it is completely free and it doesn’t require root access to work.
That’s it. These are the most simple methods you could use for getting free unlimited WiFi access from public internet services by passing the time or data usage limit. Let us know in the comments below which one of the above two methods worked for you and whether you managed to get access to unlimited WiFi or not.

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