Get All Your Social Network Updates In A Single Email

get-updates-all-your-social-networks-one-place-nutshellmail-logoIf you are an avid user of the social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace then staying updated is surely a huge task for you. As for me, I have to log in to those websites (frequently) or use a desktop client to stay updated about all the chatter that’s on among my friends. Lately, I have found an online service that will deliver you updates of all the social networks in a single mail.

NutshellMail is an online tool that compiles all your updates from Facebook, Myspace and Twitter in a single mail and deliver it to your inbox anytime you choose. Just go to the site and sign up for a free account. Once you are done just add all the social networks you use. The networks that are supported by the service are Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin and Ning. You can directly connect it to your Twitter or Facebook account. In that case you will have to provide your email address separately.


Features of NutshellMail:

1. Nice option to choose how many times a day you want to receive the updates. You also choose more specific time for the email with the updates.


2. All major networks like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Linkedin are supported.

3. Other than these you will have an Update button that can be used to feed your inbox at any point of time.


4. In Facebook you will have the option to choose the topics you want to get notifications about.


5. In Twitter you can choose specific search topics to get updates about. Other than these you will get to choose other specific options about updates.

get-updates-all-your-social-networks-one-place-nutshellmail-twitter-optionsHere is a sample email from NutshellMail.



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