How to Get Weather Report of Multiple Locations in Cortana

Cortana is a mighty intelligent virtual assistant, which is available for Windows 10 Mobile as well as Windows 10 PC. This new feature of Windows 10 is being attracted by millions of people, even though, it gathers up and send different kinds of data to the owner, Microsoft. Anyway, Cortana is very useful since it has some helpful features.

For instance, you can ask HER to search for mail, applications, files, folders, Windows settings or anything whatever you like. At the same time, Cortana provides some trending things like Dictionary, latest news, flight tracking info, weather report and so on. Obviously, those things need valid internet connection but if you have so, you can get benefits from this Cortana.

If you are a frequent traveler and do travel from one city to another city, from one particular location to any other location for any reason like meeting, party or whatever, you should always check the weather. Otherwise, you can fall into trouble due to bad weather. Although, there are so many weather apps available for various mobiles platforms, yet, why to use them, when you have Cortana on your Windows 10 machine. This is very easy to get the weather forecast of any location through Cortana.

Weather forecast in Cortana for Windows 10

However, as Cortana uses your current location, by default, you will get the weather report and forecast of your current location/city. That means, if you are traveling from London to Munich, you cannot get the Munich’s weather forecast using Cortana, if you use the default settings. To get the weather report of any location using Cortana, you need to add particular city/location. To do so, just follow this simple guide.

Get Weather Report of Multiple Locations in Cortana

At first, click on Cortana button that is positioned on your Taskbar. Following that, click on Notebook on your left side and select Weather.

Weather notebook in cortana

Scroll down and find out Cities you’re tracking. Here you will get your current city/location. To get the weather report of a different city, you need to add that to Cortana. For doing so, click on the button that says Add a city.

add new city in cortana

Now, start typing your city name and select the city from the list/search result.

Select location in Cortana

After that, you will get two options

  • Forecast for your cities – ON/OFF
  • Notify me about weather incidents

Add new City in Cortana Options

The first one is mandatory and the second one is optional. Therefore, do it and click on the Add button.

Get Weather Report of Multiple Locations in Cortana

Therefore, you will get weather report of multiple locations in Cortana for Windows 10. Now, whenever you will try to check the weather report, all the cities you have added will come out.


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