Ghostpress: Protect your Computer from Keyloggers

When you talk about some old and golden techniques to spy on someone’s computer, the keylogging comes first. Attackers use a keylogger to spy on a computer. If you do know about the keylogger, you can skip this paragraph. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more about keylogger. In simple words, keylogger is such a tool (or, malicious tool) that stores all the keystrokes and send them to another machine or server without letting a user know. In other words, an attacker can steal your online banking passwords, or any other passwords, username, email, and what not.

Although some anti-malware tools offer the anti-keylogging feature, that might not work in modern days because there are thousands of keyloggers available on the internet and developers are developing such tools every single day. Therefore, it could be difficult for an anti-malware tool to detect a keylogger. Also, keyloggers can use different functions to hide in a system without any permission. That is the reason, why you should use a dedicated anti-keylogger that will protect your computer from keyloggers. Here is a free keylogger called Ghostpress. Although the name seems to be quite different, it works smoothly.

Ghostpress: Protect your Computer from Keyloggers

Ghostpress is a free software that allows users to protect their computers from sending any keystroke related data to another server or machine without any permission. Talking about the features of Ghostpress, this tool is intended for only one thing, and that is mentioned above. Having said that, you can get a bullet-proof security from this tool. On the other hand, you can use the Delay protection feature of Ghostpress to customize the security layers being provided by it. The desktop widget can help you to add a custom Windows 7 like desktop widget so that you can enable or disable protection in one click. The last but not the least feature is Whitelist. For instance, you know a program can gather your keystrokes, and that is fine to you. Therefore, you can allow that tool to do so without being interrupted. An addition feature of Ghostpress is it shows your hardware configuration. However, it failed to detect the AMD Radeon graphics card while testing it.

Talking about the user interface, Ghostpress comes with a minimum UI and color scheme that makes a healthy environment to work on. To get started with this tool, to first download it to your machine. You do not have to install it since this is a portable software. After opening it, you can find a window like this,

Ghostpress Protect your Computer from Keyloggers

If you are getting green tick mark, it means the security protection in turned on. The red cross defines the opposite of that. To whitelist, a program in Ghostpress, go to Options > Whitelist. Click on the Add button and select it accordingly.

That pretty much it. Hope this tiny tool would be helpful for you to protect your computer from keyloggers.

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