Get Gmail Notifications In Your Google Plus Account

The notification bar of Google Plus is really awesome for two reasons.

First, you get Google Plus notifications from any Google service and need not always open your Plus account in another browser tab. Second, you can share a post with your Google Plus friends directly from Gmail, Google Reader and other Google services. It’s more of a summary feed of your entire Google Plus activity, which is quite identical to Facebook.

Then there is another Chrome extension which lets you receive Google Plus notifications from any website, without having to open your Google Plus account in the first place.

The only missing element in Google Plus is that Google Plus offers no integration with Gmail as such. There is no way to get Gmail notifications in Google Plus and I am a bit surprised to see Google has not added any support for showing realtime notifications of unread emails on your Google Plus account.

Email is still one of the most popular form of communication these days. And I am very sure Google will soon add support for Gmail notifications in Google’s black navigation menu bar.

Those who want to get Gmail alerts in Google Plus or want to see an unread counter for Gmail emails in Google Plus, can try the Native Gmail Plus extension for Google Chrome. Native Gmail Plus integrates Gmail into your Google Plus account, so you can know whether your Gmail inbox has received a new message, while you were busy checking your Google Plus profile.

Here is how Gmail notifications in Google Plus look like:

Get Gmail notifications in Google Plus

The extension adds a second notification pane on your Google Plus account, with an unread count of Gmail emails at the top. Whenever you receive a new email, the notification counter turns red and shos you the number of unread emails your inbox has at the moment.

Clicking the Gmail notification counter pops out the menu and shows a brief preview of the Gmail message, along with the subject line. The only difference of Gmail notifications and Google Plus notifications is that you won’t be able to reply to the email message directly from Google Plus and neither you would be able to download any email attachments.

Clicking the subject of the email message would open your Gmail account in a new browser tab. This extension is useful, if you spend a lot of time on Google plus and want an easy way to read Gmail emails from Google Plus. Give this a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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