Gmail News Feed – Use Gfeed to Create a Gmail Social Feed

Using Gmail can be overwhelming even though it is supposed to be one of the best email clients out there. Though there are many Gmail productivity hacks, today I am going to share a particular trick, an Android app, that will turn your inbox into Gmail social feed or more appropriately, Gmail news feed.

Social Feeds for Your Gmail Inbox

Yes, you will now be able to view and read emails in your inbox similar to how you consume news feed and updates on social media sites like Facebook. I found this Gmail news feed app so cool that I couldn’t stop scrolling through my emails, just like I can’t stop going through my social feed on Facebook.

gmail social feed

Most of the emails in the inbox require me only a few seconds before I move on. Sometimes, when I do open an email, it takes less than a minute to read its contents. Only a handful of emails demand my full and undivided attention. Gfeed, as it is appropriately named, allows me to scroll through my inbox saving me a headache and valuable time.

When you give necessary permissions to gfeed, it will fetch emails from your Gmail inbox and present them as a news feed. This will allow you to go through your emails 2x faster. Instead of being presented with a cluttered inbox with emails from sites you cannot unsubscribe from or do not remember even subscribing to in the first, you can simply scroll through your inbox in a decluttered, easy to use app.

Using Gfeed

You can either visit gfeed’s homepage or directly download the app on the Playstore. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, but for the purpose of this guide, I will be using an Android device.

Once you have installed the app, open it and give it the necessary permissions to access your Gmail inbox. Once the process is complete, it will begin fetching emails from your inbox and present them as a social news feed on the Home tab. Just like in Gmail, you can see a number on the top of the screen that signifies the total number of emails that are unread.

gmail news feed

You will now see a single feed on the screen, each feed is an email, and as you scroll through your Gmail news feed, you will notice there are options like a star, delete, and reply. If the message is too long, there is an option “more” clicking on which will reveal the rest of the message. This makes the whole experience simple and absolutely cool.

Every time you flip an email feed and scroll ahead, your email is getting marked read and archived. I found the star feature to be pretty useful. When you mark an email with a star, it is saved in a separate tab called Star. How convenient! It makes it so much easier to save emails that I need to revisit at a later point in time. At the bottom of the screen, there is a home tab, and on the right side is the star tab.

email social feed

There is a plus sign just beside the star button using which you can create new emails. A new window will pop up allowing you to send emails with CC and BCC.

Gmail News Feed

Gfeed is a simple but effective Gmail news feed client that solves one simple problem – how to hit zero on your inbox fast and easy. We are constantly bombarded with so many emails on a daily basis that at the end of the day, we just quit and close the app. Not anymore. With Gfeed, you can easily convert your Gmail inbox into Gmail social news feed and hack your way through your inbox.

gmail productivity app

Let us know in the comments section below if anyone has tried the app on an iOS device, and how was your experience with gfeed.

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