Gmail Tip: Automatically Delete Incoming Unwanted Mails

Gmail is the one of the email clients we use to send and receive mails. Most of the start up companies, small work groups and many teams use Gmail as their primary email client due to wonderful features it provides. We even register in many websites using the email address of Gmail and we keep on receiving updates from those websites as emails. Sometimes, we even receive unwanted mails, which we are not interested in.

Filters in Gmail

Normally, what we do is we search for those emails and will delete them. But, using the Gmail Filter we can delete emails with specific email address even without entering our inbox. Let us see, how we can do it.

Create Gmail Filter to automatically delete mails from specific email address

Gmail Filter is the one which filters out mails based on the criteria we had set and respective action can be taken on those filtered mails. It is similar to Creating a Rule in other email clients. Criteria can be,

  • From (incoming mail’s email address)
  • To (to whom you are sending)
  • Subject (mails with specific subject text)
  • Has the words (mails which has specific words)
  • Doesn’t have (mails containing words other than specific words).

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Actions can be skipping the inbox, delete mails, moving to specific label and many more. Now, our aim is to delete mails coming from specific email address. So, out filter criteria will be From address and action will be Skip inbox and Delete those mails.

Here are the steps to be followed,

STEP 1: Sign in to your Gmail account and click on the gear icon on top right. Select Settings from the menu.

gmail settings

STEP 2: It opens the Settings section and click on Filters link. Scroll down and click on Create a new filter.

Gmail Filters

STEP 3: Filter pop up opens up and it has fields by which you want to filter mails. As per our need, fill the From field with the email address you want to get rid of. (For example: Click on Create filter with this search.

enter from address

STEP 4: Now, we need to specify the respective action to be happened when a message arrives that matches the filter. As per our need we need to check Skip inbox and Delete options.

create filter in gmail

Click on Create Filter button and check Apply filter to number of matching conversations. This is because, if there are any mails from the specified email address, even those conversations will be deleted.


These are the steps to be followed to delete mails coming from specific email address without the need of any third party software. It might be from website or from specific person, just follow these steps to create filter and delete those emails, even without letting them to enter your inbox.

What sort of filters you have created in Gmail? Please, do share with us through comments.

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