Get a Weekly PDF Report of Google Analytics With Metric Mail

If you are using Google Analytics as the web analytic software for your blog or website and want to get statistics and important data as a PDF report, here is some help.

Metric Mail is a useful service which can be used to get Google Analytics data as weekly PDF reports. The installation is very simple – all you have to do is connect your Google Analytics account with the Metric mail service and specify the email address where you want to receive the reports. It’s all done, now Metric Mail will send you scheduled reminders in your email every week.

The report will consist of a brief summary of how many unique visitors your site received during the course of the week, traffic sources, top keywords, bounce rate and the average duration of visits. The service can be handy when you have multiple administrators of your blog and you do not want to share Google Analytics access with anyone else.

In that case, you can send a weekly report to the other administrator in his email, without having to share your Google Analytics account credentials nor adding the other admin as a shared user in your Google Analytics account.

Weely Google Analytics Report With MetricMail

Another advantage of using the service is when you want to share the recent statistics of your blog or website with sponsors or advertisers. Simply send the report as an email attachment and they can have a rough idea about the traffic estimate of your website.

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