How to Open Google Chrome in Incognito Mode By Default

Google Chrome’s incognito mode is sometimes very useful, you can use it for private browsing and surf the internet without leaving any trace or cookies in the computer you were using. All the browsing history, file downloads are not saved in Chrome and thus you can have a safe browsing experience.

You can turn on the incognito mode of Google Chrome by clicking the wrench icon and selecting “New incognito window”. The keyboard shortcut for opening an incognito window in Google Chrome is Control+Shift+N.


But what if you want to open Google Chrome in the incognito mode by default? What if you would want to open Google Chrome always in the incognito mode?

You can use the following command line hook to open Google Chrome in incognito mode by default:

1. Right click the Google Chrome desktop shortcut and select “properties”.

2. In the “Shortcut” tab, select the target text box and add –incognito at the end. (Tip: after chrome.exe, hit space and type –incognito)


2. Click “Apply” and then Ok. You are done.

Now Google Chrome will always open in the incognito mode by default. To revert back to the older settings, simply delete the command line hook added to the desktop shortcut.

In case you want to protect Google Chrome with a password, check out our earlier tip on creating password protected user profiles in Google Chrome

When You Should Use Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode?

There are a lot of situations when Google Chrome’s incognito mode is a lifesaver. For example:

1. You want to have two simultaneous instances of Google Talk or Gmail chat opened in the browser. This can be achieved using multiple Google account sign in or other Google talk tricks, you can simply open a new Google Chrome incognito mode and log into your other Gmail account.

2. You are surfing the web from a friend’s computer and don’t want to leave any trace of browsing history, cookies and the list of visited sites on the source computer. Instead of clearing Google Chrome’s cache and browsing history over and over again, you can simply use Google Chrome’s incognito mode and save yourself a lot of time and effort.

3. Your friend has been working with a lot of opened tabs and now you want to use the same computer and the same browser. Instead of disturbing your friend’s browsing session and asking him to log out of Gmail, Facebook and other sites – you should open a new incognito window and login to these websites with your own account.

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