How To Keep Google Chrome Plugins Up To Date

Running outdated browser plugins is a big security risk and apart from sudden browser crashes or frequent hang-ups, you might become a victim of malware attack, if you’re running a really old and expired version of any browser plugin.

Last time we showed you how to keep Firefox plugins up to date and run the latest version of each plugin in Firefox. This time, we turn to Chrome and here is how you can update and run the latest version of all plugins in Google Chrome


While surfing through websites you might see a warning message as “This Plugin was blocked because it is out of date”. Unlike Firefox or Internet Explorer, Google Chrome gives you an instant option to update the plugin; you can go ahead and hit the “Update Plug in” button to go to the plugin vendor’s website and install the latest version of the outdated plugin in Google Chrome.

However, often times we feel lazy doing the technical things so  you might want to use an automatic way to update Chrome plugins without having to do that manually over and over again. In that case, try Chrome Plugin Updater

This extension constantly checks whether all of your Google Chrome’s plugins are patched up to date or not. When the extension detects an out of date plugin, it shows a notification at the right corner of Google Chrome’s address bar, as shown below:

How to Update Chrome plugins and keep them up to date

The extension goes to work in the background and reminds you that one or more of Google Chrome plugins needs to be patched up or updated. Clicking the tiny icon takes you to the instructions page where you can find more information on how to update your browser with the latest version of the specific plugin.

In my case, I ran a check and found that the Java plugin in Google Chrome was running an earlier build and not the latest version. Silverlight and Adobe Flash were working fine but the Java plugin was really outdated which might be one of the reasons why some websites were crashing in the middle for unknown reasons.

So if you are having problems with Google chrome plugin and need a dead easy way to check or update them, Chrome Plugin updater is just the right tool for you. And it does what it says !

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