Google Cloud Print – Google’s Service to Print Files Remotely

Usually, if you wanted to print anything while away from your home or office printer, you only had two options: either ask someone to print the documents for you or wait until you get home or to work. Not anymore, because the possibility of a “cloud print” has been developed.

One of Google’s latest services, Google Cloud Print, aims to solve this problem by connecting you to your printers over the web.

google cloud print In fact, Google provided already a similar service, which provided the possibility of printing from Android devices and from Google Chrome using, respectively, an Android app and a Chrome extension. Google Cloud Print is a similar but more complete service, bringing the same options to Windows systems and almost to all its softwares. However, this service requires that you have Google Chrome installed.

First Steps

After heading to the Google Cloud Print page using Chrome, you just need to download the tool. After accepting and installing, this dialog can be closed. The next step is to open the service itself on Windows, so just hit the Start Menu and launch Google Cloud Print. This way, you will link the service to your Google account – if you do not have one, you should create a new account, as the service will not work without it.

Now a new dialog will appear, prompting you to introduce your username and password. Be advised: this is your Windows username and password, not the credentials you use on your Google’s account. After typing the right information, hit “Register”.


Chrome will now be automatically loaded, prompting you to sign into your Google’s account. After this step, the service will automatically fetch informations about the printers you have connected to your computer, and now you can choose which ones to relate with Google Cloud Print by ticking them.

Now that you have connected the desired printers to Google Cloud Print, it is time to give your computer the ability of “printing” into the service. To do so, you need to install the Google Cloud Print Driver. Just visit the driver’s website, download it and install it normally, just like you would do with a regular printer.

Printing With Google Cloud Print

Whenever you want to print files using Google Cloud Print, the drill is very similar to the regular printers. First, you have to choose the Google Cloud Printer “printer” from the printing menu:


Then, a new Chrome window will be loaded giving you the chance to choose which (real) printer to use. In the next step, you can select the desired definitions for the printing, again just like you regularly do in an ordinary printer.


And that’s it. Like magic, your document will then be printer in the printer you selected and you just have to pick the sheets at your convenience.

Have you already used this service? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

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