Google Contributor Program for Ad-free Internet Browsing

All over the world, ‘Google’ seems to be a synonym for innovation. Starting out as a simple search engine with one of the simplest search bar, it has created a niche for itself in various areas on the internet. With significant revenue being generated through online advertising or Google ads for them, it is a welcome change to see Google coming up with an option to remove ads from your favorite websites. Yes, you heard it right? Google Contributor Program is an initiative from Google to help internet users with the option of enjoying ad-free website browsing. Through this program, you can enjoy seamless reading of your favorite articles or important news on some popular websites by disabling Google ads display on them.

Google Contributor Welcome

How to deactivate Google ads or get rid of them through Google Contributor?

It is obvious for you to wonder as to why would Google want to demotivate websites from running ads? In other words, why would Google come up with something that could hamper it’s own advertising business in the form of Google Adsense and Google Adwords. Now, this is where Google comes up trumps with this Google Contributor system that aims to keep everyone happy (website viewers as well as website owners). How is that for innovation?

In this article, we shall check out how Google Contributor Program can hide ads on the participating websites. It is definitely not for free, nor is it overtly expensive. Here is the offer from Google: if you wish to avoid getting disturbed by ads on any of the websites that are participating in this Contributor program from Google, then, you pay minimal amount of $1, $2 or $3 per month i.e. you get paid ad-free browsing experience for websites tied up with Google for this initiative.

What will appear in place of hidden Google Ads?

Once you pay the required amount for a website on which you wish to hide or disable Google ads, then, you won’t see any ads. However, there is a dedicated space on every website where the ads get displayed.

Google Ads Displayed on a Website

This space may vary from website to website. This Contributor tool will make sure that you would either see a pixel pattern or a “Thank You” message in place of the hidden ads.

Advantages of Google Contributor Initiative

One of the biggest benefit is the obvious one stated above i.e. browsing websites without getting irritated or distracted by advertisements. But, this is only from the website viewer’s point of view. It doesn’t mean the website owners will face losses as they will receive a percentage share of the Contributor fees that Google has introduced. There is no news on the exact share of Google in this Contributor payment program. But, one can be rest assured that Google has laid out clear plans to make it profitable for them as well as the website owners who agree to participate in this program. Thus, even if websites lose out from the revenue generated through Google Ad clicks or impressions (CPC or CPM income), they would earn through direct payment from viewers who wish to opt out of ad display when they browse those websites. As a viewer, you get a chance of crowd-funding websites who are willing to provide a seamless browsing experience. A win-win situation for everyone involved!

In fact, Google has even invited other content creators & publishers to join their initiative and try out a different alternative for monetizing website traffic. If you are still not convinced about the benefits of Google Contributor Tool, you can continue browsing websites along with the Google enabled ads or you can even opt for some ad blocker extension. However, any experiment from Google is worth trying out once and you won’t repent later.

Google Contributor Program Joining Page

Some of the popular Google Contributor partner websites are Mashable, WikiHow, The Onion, Imgur, etc. This program is still in experimental phase and you can take your own decision to get added as a partner website. If interested, you can join Google Contributor Program waiting list from here: Google Contributor Joining Form / Page

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