Google Device Assist App for Fixing Smartphone Issues and Offering Lollipop Tips

How many times have we searched online for solutions to our smartphone issues? In fact, I understand that one of the most popular smartphone-based search query has been “how to improve the performance or battery life of smartphone?” Now, all these concerns / issues are normal for most smartphone users (especially new users) and there would hardly be anyone who would have escaped them. Google has come up with a new app named “Device Assist” to fix your smartphone issues ranging from battery problems to connectivity issues to GPS errors.

Coming from Google, this app will provide troubleshooting for your smartphone device if it runs the latest Android i.e. Lollipop. In this article, I shall discuss about the key features of Google Device Assist app and how it is a boon for new Android Lollipop users.

Google Device Assist App

Google’s Device Assist Features

Get timely fixes for various issues detected for your smartphone through self-diagnosis performed by this app. So, if you are encountering battery drain problem or connectivity errors, then, look no further then Device Assist app for useful tips. You can also check out new features of Android Lollipop with ease without getting lost.

Device Assist Tips

This new Google app even assists you in upgrading the performance of your smart device (phone or tablet). All in all, it provides proactive help as well as on-demand help for your smartphone issues or queries. Device Assist is compatible with Nexus smartphone, Google Play Edition phones and Android One phones running latest Android Lollipop. In fact, all such smartphone users get access to Live Google support on the app i.e. they can press a button within the app and get in touch with a Google support representative. It is believed that the representative will be provided with your device’s battery charge status and if it has been rooted earlier. This information will help the support personnel to provide you accurate help.

Device Assist Live Support

How to install Google Device Assist application?

You can install Google Device Assist app directly from Google Play Store under category ‘Tools’ on your compatible smartphone (running Android 5.0 or above). The relevant download link is: Installing Device Assist for Android

Device Assist Download from Google PlayStore

For further details about this app, refer the Google Support forum at: Device Assist Support

Even though Google doesn’t have great offline stores to provide instant help to new Android phone users, they have definitely made up for it with this wonderful app. Now, you need not think twice before upgrading to the latest Android version. In fact, this app will provide you all basic knowledge about the features of your Android device and their impact on its performance. So, what are you waiting for? Download this app on your Android Lollipop running smartphone and get started. Please do not forget to share your experience of exploring this Google app!

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