Introducing Add-on Store in Google Form

Google Form under Google Docs is one of the best tools for creating contact form, poll and numerous different things. This is possible to do so many things at free of cost. If you have a blog on blogger, you can simply utilize Google Form to create a useful contact form or if you want to do a survey, you can still use this free tool.

Google Form Add-ons

Notwithstanding, there were such a large number of people, who have been confronting different issues in Google Form for a year. Google Form has fewer features than whatever other premium contact form builders have. For example, it was not possible to limit form submission from a particular IP address or you can’t utilize any confirmation framework to forestall bots. There was lot of other issues as well.

To take care of these little problems one by one, Google has included a dedicated add-on store into Google Form. In spite of the fact that the store is pretty small yet it has some helpful add-ons like form limiter, g(math) for Forms and more others. As of now, Google Form as only twelve add-ons and more other will come in time.

All these add-ons work like add-ons for Google Docs or Spreadsheets. To use any one of those add-ons, at first install the correct add-on. To install add-on, open Google Form and head over to Add-ons that is located in the navigation menu.

Add-ons in Google Form

Click on Get Add-ons and choose a particular add-on from the library. That’s all!

According to Google, now you do not have to be coding expert to include any exceptional choice in your forms created by Google Form. Now, this is possible to create any type of form faster by making utilization of add-ons.

Here are top five add-ons

Form Limiter: This is one of the best Google Forms add-ons because it helps admin to turn off the submission after a predefined number. For example, 10 in one hour or 20 in one day etc.

G(math) for Forms: If you want to add some complex math equation in your form, here is the solution. Just try g(math) for Forms.

Choice Eliminator: This add-on will let your form submitter remove any choice or answer or anything else from multiple-choice questions.

Ultradox Trigger: It creates email, invoice, report automatically based on the answer of form submitter.

Form Values: It will help you to store and use a particular answer in the spreadsheet.

Hope this add-on Store will help you a lot to create a custom form.

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