Google Images Now Shown Uploaded Time For Recent Images

So you’re busy searching for pictures of royal wedding 2011 on Google and other image search engines but the problem is that most of these images do not have a date tag associated with them.

It’s a bit problematic to find recent images of any World event since there is no filter like “Latest” as present in normal Google search or even in Google News. The photos that appear in Google Image search will always be independent of “Date” and the one that matches most with your search keywords will be shown on top.

And considering the amount of spammy websites copying information along with the images from the actual source, it’s even more difficult to find the actual source who uploaded an image on his website.

However, there is a small change noted over at Google Images. A new overlay data is shown when you search for a recent world event which was widely popular. Some examples : Osama Bin laden, Easter or the Royal wedding.


Filter Google Images based on time

While this is not actually a filter for recent images, these overlays actually convey some information about the recency of a particular image at Google Images. You don’t have to use a special search operator to see those recent photos.

If the topic or context you’re searching for is really popular and widespread, chances are Google Images will automatically show fresh copies of related images as and when they are discovered. After a few hit and trials, I found that some images which were uploaded a few hours ago were quickly scanned by Google and shown on the first page of Google Image search. The overlay information was of course –“a few hours ago”.

This can be a clue that Google wants to show recent and happening photos about a popular event, incident or a personality and if there are traffic spikes like this for a particular keyword, Google knows which images need to be returned.

All in all, I think this feature is still in it’s developing stages and yet to be rolled out for all searches around the globe. Thanks Sourish Nath for the tip

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