Google to Launch USB Security Key for Google Account

Everybody knows that Google is the web giant. It provides so many products and Gmail is one of those great products. You know that the more you become popular, the more security you should have to protect your properties.

Alike other companies those deal with online account, Google has also recommended us to enable and use two-factor authentication in order to make our account safe. Actually, 2-step verification process is one of the best methods to let Google know that the original owner of an account wants to access his/her account. In this process, you supposed to have a mobile phone and the correct password to sign in.

Google to Launch USB Security Key for Google Account

But, the problem is, an experienced attacker can easily create a same looking page and can have your verification code within moments. This is where 2-step verification flinches to provide the second layer of security.

At this moment, Google has launched such an online account protector that does not need any internet connection. Hence, the risk is very [very] low compared with 2-step verification. Now, users have such an account unlocker that is generally known as USB. Previously, it was possible to lock down PC with Pen Drive but now the same feature is obtainable for online account as well. If you have this USB Key, you do not need any verification code or data connection.

Google USB Security Key

There is the advantage of this USB Security Key. However, there are some critical drawbacks as well. This USB Security Key does not work in other browsers except Google Chrome. That means, no matter what operating system you are using, you supposed to have Google Chrome 38 or later version to run this new security protection.

On the other hand, you cannot use it on mobile because there is now USB port in mobile. You cannot plugin the USB Security Key in mobile. You need to have to verification code that is sent by Google to the associate mobile number to sign in through mobile or other web browsers.

Hope this new security key will be helpful for you. But, is it really helpful? Thousands of people are using Google account from other web browsers. So, what about them? Google should give other browser support too in order to get a huge success. You can get a USB Security Key on Amazon.

Image Credit: Flickr, Google Security Blog


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