Google Maps Now Can Be Accessed Through Google Drive

Both Google Drive and Google Maps have been coming up with new features day by day. Now, presently Google Maps had made it’s entry in to Google Drive. Till now, we are able to create new Google Docs, spread sheets and a lot. But, have you ever thought of creating a Google Map from the Drive itself? Yes, now you can create a custom maps from the drive, just as you create docs and spread sheet. Just got to New, More and then select “Google My Maps”. This will open up the “Untitled Map” and is now possible to create a custom map.

Google My Maps

Over the period of time, Google said that user can view all saved maps and can be shared with others. You can even group them based on the category you want. You can name folders like “Travel”, “Party Places” and a lot based on your created maps. It also provides you the search feature which is also an important and interesting feature.

Half Marathon

Apart from just creating maps, you can add layers to it. You can point out some places which you are interested in. You can even import some big spreadsheets and you are provided with info box to add more information. For every holiday season or want to make party, you can create a custom map mentioning or saving the place within the map and share it with your friends. So, this would be the easy way for planning.

Surf Spots

Hurry up and explore “Google My Maps” from Google Drive.

Source: Google Lat Long Blog


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