Try Google’s Page Speed Without Any Browser Extension

Google page Speed is a great set of tools which can be used to measure the loading time and performance of your website. Available as a browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome, you can use Google page Speed to find out the loading time of individual web pages, files, CSS, JS elements and other components of your website’s design template.

Furthermore, Google Page speed tightly integrates with Google webmaster tools and also provides detailed suggestions on scripts, files and codes that are reducing the overall loading time of your side. By referring to these suggestions, you can tweak your site’s template, scripts, plugins and improve your site’s overall loading time/performance.

Another similar tool is YSlow but I prefer Google page speed because the reports and analysis of Page Speed is far better and to the point when compared to Yslow. Furthermore, Google Page Speed shows you detailed reports and customizations for both desktop and mobile devices whereas Yslow for Firebug fetches the result for desktop only.

The good news however is that Google page speed is now available at Page Speed Online, which means you can measure the loading time of any website or webpage without installing any browser extension.

Simply enter the URL of the target site, choose the medium (desktop or mobile) and hit “Analyze Performance” to get the reports.

Google page speed Online

Page Speed Online is completely web based which means you can use it on any computer, any browser or mobile device without installing any extension. The page Speed Mobile analysis is also a great feature which allows website owners to find the loading time of their websites in Mobile browsers.

Following the suggestions for both desktop and mobile, website owners can optimize their site’s theme or source code for more faster user experience.

Google page speed labs

The only downside I found is that there is no way to save or Archive the reports or Google Page Speed online for future reference. Once, you have performed a test, you can refer to the suggestions in the left panel of Google Page speed online and tweak your site’s template for better loading.

Note: I performed a check for both the mobile and desktop version of this site and the results were pretty satisfactory indeed. The page speed score of this site came out to be 83/100, which means that this blog’s template is fairly optimized for faster loading. However, there is always room for improvement ..

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