Get A Google Plus Profile Widget For Your Website

Google Plus has an official page where anyone can create a simple Google Plus profile widget for their Google Plus profile and embed it on their websites. While the official widget from Google works fine, it is in some ways limited and offer no customizations whatsoever.

The widget page generates a simple HTML code which on embedding shows only a G+ icon but not your Google Plus profile image. Further, neither your follower count is shown and nor there is any option for readers to add you to their Google Plus circles.

However, you can create a much better Google Plus follow widget for your Google Plus profile and add it to your website. Go to, enter your Google Plus profile ID and you are done. The site will immediately generate the embed code for your Google Plus profile widget, now all you have to do is paste the code to the source of your website template and make the widget live for everyone. And since the widget uses javaScript, it will support all blogging platforms and content management systems e.g WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Drupal, vBulletin and Posterous.

Here is a preview of how my Google Plus profile widget looks like:

Visitors and readers coming to this page can add me to their Google Plus circles by clicking the “Add to Circles” button. This is quite similar to Twitter follow buttons and Facebook fan boxes, the only difference is that this is not an official tool from Google.

The above widget can be customized according to your requirements. You can choose a preferred font type, background color, width and title settings to blend with your site’s design or theme. Here is how the settings panel of widgetplus looks like:

Google Plus Profile widget settings

Another cool thing about widgetplus is that you can also include your public Google Plus posts just inside the widget. This will allow your site visitors to read your Google Plus posts and updates without leaving your site.

Statistics For Your Google Plus Profile

The embed code uses JavaScript and thus, it can track how many followers were received from the widget and how many people clicked the “Add to circles” button and added you to their Google Plus circles. This is very cool, given the fact that the site requires no registrations or signups and never asks you to create an account with them.

Google Plus profile Statistics

If you want more followers on Google Plus, it would be a good idea to embed this widget on your website or blog and let your site visitors convert into loyal fans. Thanks Mayur for the tip.

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