Google Shows Hacked Site Notification In Search Results

The Google developers have added a new filter in search results, showing live notifications for websites that may have been compromised or hacked. As announced in the Google webmaster central blog, the hacked site notifications in Google search results will help users avoid sites that may have been hacked by spammers or altered by third parties.

The notification is nothing but a text link as “This Site May be Compromised”, clicking which takes you to the FAQ page.

Recently, a majority of websites from the Gawker media were hacked because of a security breach in their media server. You should check your blog’s email address against that list and see whether your email address exists in that leaked list

Google shows hacked site notifications in search resultsWhat You Should Do When You See a Hacked Site Notification In Google Search Results

The FAQ page listed above gives some useful insights on what users should do once they spot a “Compromised” site in search results. You may contact the webmaster of the specific website to clean up their hacked state or choose to continue using the website at your own risk. Google suggests users that they should not give away personal information e.g email address, phone numbers on the compromised website because this can be highly risky.

This is good for bloggers and webmasters because they can simply type in the domain name of their blog or website in Google and find out whether their site has been hacked or not. If you see that the search results of your own site is showing compromised notifications, here are thethings you might want to do:

  • Find out the source of these notifications – check Google webmaster tools’s malware section.
  • Try contacting Google from webmaster tools and ask for support.
  • Fix those large number of crawl errors and sitemap errors from Google Webmaster tools.
  • Try to fix up other technical things on your site, make use of a Robots.txt file, block unnecessary directories and session ID’s
  • Clean up the comments section of your blog from bad links. Some of the commentators might have left a link which points to an unsafe website.
  • Check for broken links, links to exe files or the downloads folder. Also do check your server logs for any suspicious activity.

Google says that the webmaster tools team will continue monitoring your site and will remove the notification from search results if you have fixed the compromised state of your website.


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