How to Grab Text From An Image Using Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the popular service introduced by Google for taking notes. Even though there are other Noting Services, Apps out there, Google Keep has got easily understandable interface and some nice options. You can use your Gmail Id to login into Google Keep and write your own custom notes. You can either use web service, or download an extension for Chrome , or get an App from AppStore or Google Playstore. (You can find links to download Google Keep here.)


Google keep offers variety of features for taking notes. One can use Google Keep to take notes using plain text or use URLs, create lists using checkboxes, set reminders with their notes etc. One of the unique features that Google Keep offers is one can grab text from an image.

Let’s see how to do that.

Login to your Google Keep account and select create note option. You would see an image icon at bottom menu, select it, upload an image with some text in it.


Save the note. Now open the note you’ve just written. You would find a menu option with three vertical dots. Select that, there you will find grab text from image option. Select that option. Google will grab the text from the image and paste it in the text section below the image.




This feature would be helpful for you if you have a soft copy of visiting cards, or images where you want to grab text from like quotes etc. The Google Engine on the background will grab the text from the image. The accuracy of translation depends on the quality of the image you uploaded and may vary some times. This is unique feature that Google Keep offers which lets you to grab text from an image very easily.

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