Find The Busiest Hour Of Your Site With Google Analytics

As a webmaster, it’s important to know the traffic fluctuations of your site and the time of the day when your site gets the maximum hits. Imagine you are organizing a contest on your site and want to engage your site visitors with the contest. It is important to know the time frame during which your site gets the maximum traffic and you should find a way to graph your site’s traffic by different hours of the day.

Some popular site analytics program like Sitemeter has support for graphing the traffic hits of a site by hour and time duration of the day, but I am not a big fan of Sitemeter and other site analytics program. Then there is AwStats logs, which is again another good piece of cake, when it comes to analyzing your visitors and finding the time of the day when your website receives the maximum or minimum hits.

There is some good news for Google Analytics users – now you can find out the hour of the day when your site gets huge traffic and also find out the hour of the day when there are minimum hits. Google has released a newer version of Google Analytics to all users which makes it possible to see the traffic status of the day by hour, day, week or month.

To do this, switch to the newer version of Google Analytics, pick a date and pull down the drop down menu at the right corner and select “Hour”

Graph site traffic by hour

You would be able to see the traffic stats of a particular day, distributed among the different time intervals of the day. As an example: this tech blog gets a rise in traffic after 2.00 PM IST which continues to rise until 11.00 PM. Then the traffic settles horizontal and finally starts dipping at 4.AM IST.

Further, you can combine or compare different metrics and find out the time of the day when a particular metric performs higher. Metrics available for comparison are: bounce rate, time on site, returning visits, pages per visit, unique visitors and so on.

Unique visitors at time of the day

Note that you can use the above method to find the busiest hours of your site for a date range too and not just a single day.

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