Greenforce Protects A Video Behind A Password And A Rare Extension

Well there are videos I really like to keep hidden. There are numerous ways to do that. I tried locking the folder (that contains the video) or keeping the whole thing hidden. Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried, there had been couple of times, I found myself in a quite embarrassing situation, while someone (just out of shear luck) found and opened that video file. Well, nowadays, I prefer taking an extra step towards locking the video.

Try Greenforce player. Yet another portable video player with all the basic features like its contemporaries. Still there is something that made me write about it. Here comes the main catch, you can password protect video files with the player and the password protected file will have an extension (.gpf) which can be handled with the Greenforce Player only after the proper password is provided.

Greenforce Player To Password Protect Video Files

Open any file by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+O or from File > Load. Now to password protect the video file go to DRM > Protect Video. You will be shown a window that will ask you to enter the password for the .gpf file and verify the new password. Enter a password tip too. You can add the save location for the .gpf file. If you check the “Allow restore original file” option the password protection can never be removed from the .gpf file. Although the main file needs to be deleted manually.

How to Password protect video files with Greenforce player

Opening the .gpf file, that can only be opened with Greenforce player, will ask for the password. The file will then be streamed only if the correct password is entered.

Enter password

You can play videos by providing URLs of them. However, I tried but failed to play YouTube videos with it. Another downside of the tool is that the file support is quite limited and I failed to play even the very basic .flv and .mp4 files with it. To conclude, I must say that the tool may not be a universal player like VLC, but it definitely solves the purpose of hiding a video file behind a password properly.

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