GROVO: Get Started With Internet

Internet over years has grown big and has evolved into the best source of knowledge on almost anything you can possibly think of. You may be looking for some information to add to your geography project or you have a business and want to promote it through internet or you may use it to socialize or just as medium of sending and receiving mails etc. Whatever be the query, answers to them are scattered all over the the internet. Only problem being a starter is that you have some or no knowledge about the internet. So you need to master the art of using internet.

So are you planning to buy some of those big fat books that you might have seen in the book shops or those that some one might have suggested to you? You are also thinking about the learning curve. No worries because GROVO is here to help you with that.

So what’s GROVO? It is a free online education and training platform that teaches you how to use or surf the Internet.


GROVO has six main subject topics viz. Social Media, Productivity, Online Marketing, Web Essentials, Shopping, and Entertainment with sub topics for each. If look at its courses you’ll find topics on Amazon, Chrome for Windows, eBay, Facebook, Flickr Personal, GoDaddy, GMail, Google Adwords Setup, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, PayPal, Skype, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube and many more.


If you do not find a topic in the list then you can send a training request for it by clicking on the Request Training link.

If you join GROVO, you get an online personal notebook where you can write your notes. GROVO sends you updates about their lessons every week. GROVO’s dedicated production team is constantly updating their lesson library to ensure the quality of their lessons. GROVO has a premium membership offer for just $9 per month per user. It allows you access to an even bigger collection of premium video lessons.

An excerpt from Forbes says “What distinguishes Grovo from other computer education companies is their focus on online topics. I’ve looked at a number of Grovo’s videos and they all impressed me.” GROVO has also been featured on Mashable, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, The New York Times and MSNBC. The initiative is definitely praiseworthy and hope it gets more enriched with time making it more indispensable for anyone online. So what are you waiting for? Happy learning.



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