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Invitations are always open to write a guest article on Ampercent. Here are a few things to know before you start writing:

Guest blog on Ampercent

Why should you Guest blog here ?

Here are some of the reasons why you should submit a guest post to Ampercent:

  1. A link to your blog/website (you’ll be representing) will be shown below the article. If you provide an RSS feed of your posts, you can include it as well. Other things you might consider including are your social networking profiles.
  2. We love promoting great things. To support the cause, we use rel=”dofollow” in our guest articles. So it is good from the search engine perspective.
  3. Your article sticks to the homepage for some time and you get free exposure and traffic.
  4. We will never remove your article without your consent.
  5. Promotion on our social community for attracting more attention to your article.
  6. We are considered a trusted brand among readers/bloggers across 150+ countries, your article here can be a good fit in your writing portfolio.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The content should be original and unique. It should not be already posted in your blog or any other blog or elsewhere on the internet.
  2. The review should be relevant to the niche of the topics Ampercent covers. The topics are:
    i> Windows (XP/Vista/7/8), Android, iOS, Linux and Web 2.0 Applications.
    ii> Productivity and general how-to tutorials based on the previously mentioned application categories.
    iii> Troubleshooting articles on the previously mentioned app categories.
    iv> Opinion editorials on events and concepts related to the aforesaid app categories.
    Other areas of interest for our readers are Google (All products), social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Path, Foursquare etc.), Email, Microsoft offered services (Live, Hotmail etc.), coding, blogging, browsers (and extensions), productivity, cloud computing. We do not cover news unless it is exclusively relevant to the above topics.
  3. All the hyperlinks used in the article must be contextual to the topic discussed in the article.
  4. No SEO juice in the form of anchor text or in whatsoever manner will be provided. Apart for the links used in the article, this rule applies for the links used in the author bio section.
  5. All the hyperlinks should be “dofollow”.
  6. The articles must be detailed( roughly around 500 words or more).
  7. The article should at least come with two images. Introductory image that will illustrate the topic of the article(example). Another one should a thumbnail image that will used beside the article summary in listing pages like homepage and it’s dimension should not exceed 80X80px. Apart from those you can attach more images within the guest post. Images used within the article should not exceed 620px in width. There are no restrictions for the height, albeit, it’s recommended to fit it within the screen height. The images should be as clear as possible and recommended image type is JPEG/JPG, however, you can use PNG and GIF also.
  8. Authors can cite reference from any source but that should be done with proper credits in the form of footnotes (for images and quotes) and/or hyperlinks (in case of reusable web-content from other websites).
  9. The author will be held solely responsible for any legal issues related to the sources/references or information provided by the article.
  10. Editorial changes (copy-editing, related posts etc) may be carried out on the article prior to publishing it on Ampercent. However, we will notify the guest author about the changes made and the article will only be published if he/she agrees with them. This holds true for post-publication changes made to the article.
  11. After the post is published on Ampercent, it(Ampercent) holds all the rights to the article. The article can be reused only under conditions noted in our sharing policies.

Steps To Get Approved

We are sure you have some great ideas to work on but since there are requests that hardly pertain to our niche, we would like you to send us some article ideas once you are ready to write on them. We will reply back with our choice(s) only if they fit the modules explained above(2). Once you get a go ahead, write us back and this time attach your article as a DOC or DOCX file with images included. We will review it and let you know if we will publish it or not.

Some Guest Blogging Examples:

Here are some guest blogging examples that can get you started,

  1. How to Quickly and Easily Sort Columns in Excel by Yoav Ezer.
  2. Effectively Manage Software Updates on Multiple Computers by David Malmborg.
  3. 10 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone4 by Srivathsan G.K.
  4. 10 Great Learning Websites For Elderly Computer Users
  5. If Your Ringtones Personify You, Here Are Some Free Tools To Personalize Them by Tony Zeyer
If you are interested in guest blogging on Ampercent, please send us your ideas using the contact form or drop an email to webmaster[at]ampercent[dot]com.