Guide To Rooting Byond Phablet P3 Android Smartphone

A couple of months ago, i bought the entry level Phablet – Byond Phablet P3. Its a superb phablet at the entry level range of 7500 INR ( $125), comes with dual sim slots, has 8 MP camera and a really big screen. My old Android device was not behaving well and it was time for an upgrade.

The first thing I do after buying a new phone is to root it and get rid of all the crapware that comes shipped with it. I don’t like all the prebundled apps consuming my battery, seeking my attention and cluttering up precious space on my Android. Also, I don’t want to see those apps which I will never use, its annoying and irritates my brain.

Rooting has other advantages too. For example, you can install a custom ROM, tweak your phone for better performance and do a lot of other things.

Rooting Byond Phablet was not easy in the first shot because this is not a very popular phone and I wasn’t able to root it with SuperOneClick or any other hacks mentioned all over the web. I searched a lot for rooting guides for Byond phones but to no success. Finally, I was able to root this phablet with a one click tool called Kingo Android Root.

Here is how to root Byond Phablet P3:

1. Download Kingo Android Root. This is one of the best Android rooting tools I have seen, it lets you install the required drivers and other things automatically and works without any bumps.

2. Turn on USB debugging on your Android device.

3. Plug your phone into your Windows computer and start Kingo Android root. Kingo will start installing all the necessary drivers required for it to root your phone.



4. This should take some time, sit back and do not unplug your phone while Kingo installs all the necessary drivers.

5. You may get errors e.g driver not installed. If you get errors, unplug your phone and plug it back in and then restart Kingo once again. I got errors for 2-3 times before it succeeded.

6. When Kingo detects the driver and installs it, you will see something like this


7. Hit the “Root” button and sit back while Kingo roots your Android phone. Once its done, you will see the following message

Root succeeded! Please reboot your device to make it more stable.


8. Hit the Finish button, unplug your phone and restart it. You should now have a rooted Byond Phablet.

To check if your phone is really rooted or not, you can install this app from Google Play store and check for SU permissions.

Happy rooting!


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