What happens if You Delete Entire Registry Editor?

There is no doubt that Windows is much popular and very easy to use operating system that is used by most of the companies and offices. The amalgamated version of tons of essential features is known as Windows and Registry Editor is one of the most essential parts of Windows. Windows Registry Editor handles all the system information.

Actually, it will be wrong if I mention “handle”. The main thing that Registry Editor does is it gathers all information regarding installed programs and files. It also collects driver information that already included Disk Drivers, Bus Drivers, File System Drivers and many more.

Windows Settings

Therefore, if you are a Windows OS user, you supposed to have a basic knowledge of Registry Editor. This Registry Editor and all existing registry files are much sensitive and a single wrong change leads to hang your PC.

That is the main reason why most of the people do not want to do anything with Registry Editor. But, have you ever thought that what happens if you delete entire registry editor? The same question was asked by a Superuser member.


The first thing is it is impossible to delete entire Registry Editor from your PC. Your PC will be hanged after deleting some files from Registry Editor. According to an answer, the Registry Editor is not physically exist in any Windows PC. That is why; Registry Editor hangs when you delete HKLM\SYSTEM.

Therefore, if you restart your Windows having such corrupted Registry Files, you will be greeted with the following screen;


Translated version is Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINXP\system32\config\SYSTEM.

After that, you can restore your Registry files if you have a backup copy. But, you cannot do so because you have an error window after erasing necessary registry files. You cannot enter into your Windows desktop.

Therefore, you can restore that from System Restore pane. Windows always creates backup copy of Registry files if you have enabled it.

After considering all the problems and “not-so good” solution, this is not recommended to try to delete registry files from your PC. However, you can try this in virtual machine.


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