HD Video Converter Factory : All in One HD Video Converter For Windows

If you have low definition video files in your computer and want to convert low quality videos to high definition in bulk, here is a free and useful freeware utility fir Windows which will help.

Check out HD Video Converter factory, the tool allows you to convert video files to popular HD formats. The application supports more than 150 video formats and it allow you to batch convert Multi track HD videos from M2TS, HDTV, MPEG, AVCHD, MKV video formats.

HD Video Converter for Windows
HD Video Converter for Windows

Using the tool is fairly simple,  first select the video files you want to convert one by one and then choose the desired output resolution from the “Resolution” drop down window. You can also adjust Video Bit rate and Audio bit rate of the out put video, this will be useful when you want to change the video and audio properties to a specific profile.

There is again a nice profile drop down menu, which allows you to select the output HD format optimized for mobile devices, web videos which includes YouTube and Flash videos and so on. The application can also be used to extract the audio from Flash videos or YouTube videos apart from any other video file stored in your computer.

Free HD video converter factory offers up to 5 times real time video converting speed, it’s a best solution if you want to convert movie files or other videos. The software works with all versions of Windows e.g Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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