How to Hide Instagram Ads in iOS

Instagram is a truly awesome photo and video clip sharing platform, which has more than 300 million users from across the globe. Anyone can sign up for Instagram and start sharing photos, videos as well as explore others’ images and videos. The most beautiful thing is previously, Instagram had a restriction that users could not upload any other size of images except square. However, that barrier has been lifted few weeks ago. Now, users do not have to use any third party Instagram client to upload any size of images.

Instagram is popular because it has app for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. On the other hand, it provides plenty of options to explore images from desktop. However, 2 years ago, Instagram started showing advertisements. Actually, this advertisements are not like other ad networks. They look same and users do not have to worry about any privacy issue due to an ad. On the other hand, as these ads are much targeted, users do not get any irrelevant images on their newsfeed.

How to Hide Instagram Ads in iOS

However, if you do not want to get any advertisements on your newsfeed and want a neat & clean interface, here is a solution. However, this solution is bound to on iOS users and more specifically, this is for Jailbroken iOS device users.

Hide Instagram Ads in iOS

Here is a Cydia tweak called InstaBetter that helps users to enrich their Instagram app experiences within few moments. As of now, InstaBetter is working on iOS 8.4 and you can get it for free. It has been tested with Instagram v7.5 and now Instagram v7.7 is running. However, it should not create any issue at all.

Therefore, download this Cydia tweak to your Jailbroken iOS device. You do not have to do anything except installing the InstaBetter tweak. You might have to restart your Instagram app if it has been running during the Cydia tweak installation. Following that, you will not get any Sponsored on your Instagram newsfeed. All the sponsored ads will be gone within moments.

Other Features of InstaBetter

InstaBetter for iOS

InstaBetter is a multi-purpose Cydia tweak for iOS 8. You can do more other things using this free tweak. List of most useful features of InstaBetter are enlisted here,

  • Save messages
  • Adjust auto-play video sound
  • Change media location
  • Show like counts as percentage
  • Save HD images and videos
  • Hold on to zoom in images
  • Show follow status on user profile
  • Hide particular user from your newsfeed
  • Open outbound links in Instagram

It is consisted with more other useful features.

Although, some users have claimed that it is not working with latest version of Instagram but a vast majority of people have confirmed that it is working smoothly. If you get any problem while using InstaBetter with Instagram v7.7, you can restart the app or reinstall the Instagram app. It should solve the compatibility issue.

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