Panic Button For Google Chrome Hides All Open Tabs With a Hotkey

There are times when you might want to quickly hide all the open tabs in Google Chrome without having the time to bookmark them or save the URL’s one by one.

Let’s say you work in a corporate environment where opening social websites like Twitter or Facebook is not allowed during work hours. However, you  use these social sites using different workarounds. There is a chance that you might get caught when your boss or other office employees come from behind and take a stare at your computer screen.

If you are using Google Chrome, you can quickly hide all the tabs using the Panic button extension for Google Chrome.

The extension adds a red “Panic” button at the right top of Chrome’s address bar. Whenever you need to hide all the open tabs in Google Chrome, simply hit the panic button and it’s done. All the open tabs will be immediately bookmarked under a new folder called “temporary panic” and you will have nothing but a blank new tab page.

Hide Open Tabs in Google Chrome

When you have hidden all the open tabs, the panic button will turn “Green” with a small number on it – hence showing the number of tabs that were hidden by the extension. To reveal all the hidden tabs, all you have to do is hit the panic button again. All done, the hidden tabs will then be opened from the temporary bookmarks folder and subsequently the folder will be deleted. Neat !

The keyboard shortcut is F12, so you can quickly hide all the tabs with the hot key. The extension options allows you to password protect the hidden tabs using a custom password or choose a custom “Safe tab” page. This is useful when your opponent player is as tech savy as you are and you have the doubt that he might tinker with your browser in your absence.

Overall, a simple extension with varied purposes – best suited for folks who always fear getting caught using Twitter at office. Give this a try !

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