How to Hide Stock Image Sites from Google Image Search Result

Google Image is probably the largest collection of image. You can find all kinds of images like wallpaper, vectors, icon, logo and many more on Google Image search. Those, who don’t like the default Windows or Mac or any other OS’s wallpaper, often go to Google Image search and make search for wallpapers for their device. This is a great method that may help you to get suitable wallpaper for your mobile or PC.

But, the problem is when you search for any vector or people or anything, Google Image shows images from stock image sites like iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, BigStockPhoto, DepositPhotos and many more. There is no problem to get such results until or unless you have enough money for your wallpaper or any image as those stock image sites provide images for few dollars.

Hide Stock Image Sites from Google Image Search Result

That means, you will have to pay money for even a wallpaper if you opt for any stock image sites. That is why almost 100% people ignore such websites when searching for a wallpaper or something like that. Therefore, it is annoying to get so many stock image sites results in the Google Image search.

Now, if you want to hide those images, you can simply do so. There is no browser extension/add-on or third party software is required. You will just have to use a simple Google search command, what will let you hide stock image sites from Google Image search result.

How to hide stock image sites from Google Image search result?

This is very easy and not much time consuming. As mentioned before, you do not have to use any extension or software to get things done, you will just have to enter the keyword like this,

keyword -stock -site:123rf.* -site:istockphoto.* -site:shutterstock.*

For example, if you keyword is “HD wallpaper”, you will have to enter it like this,

Hd wallpaper -stock -site:123rf.* -site:istockphoto.* -site:shutterstock.*

The workflow of this command is easy to understand. Google Image search bot will show the result after excluding those aforementioned sites. As the aforementioned command is having wildcard (*), it will block all domain extensions like,, and all the others those are available. Another plus point of this command if you can use it in any browser or even in mobile.

However, if you think the above-mentioned filter is difficult to remember, you can use StockBlocker for Chrome, which is a Chrome extension and it does exactly same thing what is mentioned above.

After entering the keyword in Google Image search, you will get a button like this,

StockBlocker for Chrome

Just click on it to enable StockBlocker. That’s it! Hope this tutorial will help you a lot.

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  1. H3xx says:

    Is there anyway to have this appended to your search automatically? Like maybe a firefox extension?

  2. Zer0ne says:

    Thank you so much – it’s sad when you have to specifically exclude a domain/content provider from a search because their inclusion amounts to spam results. Google, pls fix.

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