High Definition Christmas Wallpapers And Windows7 Themes For Christmas 2010

It’s holiday time and you must be looking forward to some holiday gifts from friends and relatives. It would be a good idea to spice up your desktop and computer with some neat desktop wallpapers, Windows7 themes, icon packs and Fonts – made especially for Christmas.

You can surprise your friends, family members, spouse and your little kids by changing the Windows7 theme to a Christmas one or by adding the wallpaper of Santa Clause on the desktop. Or may be changing the font of Microsoft Word to a Christmas looking font.

All of the below mentioned items are absolutely free for personal use, we have given the download link of each item just below it. You will have to click the link and download the wallpaper from the target website.

High Definition Christmas Wallpapers

High Definition Christmas Wallpapers - HD Christmas wallpapersDownload This HD Christmas Wallpaper

This one is very modest, yet so attractive. Doesn’t have very loud colors and enlightens your desktop with a subtle background. Good for those who love a minimalist interface, yet want to show Santa on their desktop at Christmas eve.

Download This Wallpaper

This one is very childish with a vibrant mix of colors. If your little son or daughter uses the computer often, this wallpaper will surely surprise them on Christmas morning.

Minimalist Christmas Wallpaper For ArtistsIf you have a an artistic eye  or love composing artwork of any type, this wallpaper will surely reflect your style and liking on the computer desk. The above wallpaper reflects all the colors in a swiveling fashion and produces a magnetic feeling.

Download This Wallpaper

Simple Christmas Tree Wallpaper For KidsIf you want to display a classic Christmas tree on your computer’s desktop without any bells and whistles, go for this one. It’s simple, offers a dark background and the quote “Happy Holidays”

Download This Wallpaper

Christmas Wallpaper Of Candles And CrackersIf you are planning to fire up a lot of crackers and candles on Christmas night, the “Christmas bag” wallpaper from Vladstudio would be a perfect fit. The wallpaper is also suitable for any other occasion with candles at the top while a giant cracker at the bottom, waiting to be lighted.

Download This Wallpaper

If you are looking for more resources and want to download a large number of Christmas wallpapers, have a look at the following sites:

Christmaswallpapers.net – offers a wide range of free wallpapers for every occasion. Available in both normal and high definition resolution and most of them are absolutely free for download, no strings attached.

Christmas Carnivals: This site offers another good collection of Christmas wallpapers, Christmas trees, Santa Clause, candle decorations amongst other gift ideas.

Another very rare and beautiful collection of HD Christmas wallpapers.

Windows 7 Themes For Christmas

Why only the wallpaper? Why not an entire Windows7 theme for Christmas?

We have handpicked some of the best Windows7 themes that gives a Christmassy feeling, all of them are free for personal use:

Download Read Christmas Theme For Windows7

Download Christmas 2010 Windows7 Theme

This is a Theme pack file , extract it to your desktop and double click the theme pack file to install the theme on your computer running Windows7. This theme includes 11 HD Christmas wallpaper, 5 Christmas Icons and a soft cursor.

Download Blue Christmas Windows7 Theme

The above theme contains  11 beautiful Christmas wallpapers in Blue,nice Christmas Sounds and dark  Christmas mouse Cursors. In addition to this, the theme has a good collection of awesome Christmas Icons for desktop, Christmas screen saver and dark Christmas Gadgets

Installation is similar, extract the package and double click the theme pack file to use the theme.

Download Red Christmas Theme For Windows7

This theme consists of 9 beautiful Christmas wallpapers in red, attractive Christmas Sounds, Red Christmas mouse Cursors and beautiful Christmas Icons for desktop.

We wish you a very happy Christmas from the entire crew of Ampercent.com. Enjoy your holidays and stay healthy!

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