Best Home Innovation Gadgets We Saw At CES 2015

First things first. If you are wondering about what CES is, it stands for Consumer Electronics Show. CES is the most popular electronics and technology show that takes place in each year in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Every year it attracts a host of companies to unveil their new products which have either ground breaking technology or creativity. And this year wasn’t far behind any other year. Check out some of the best home innovation gadgets revealed at CES 2015.

Hom-Bot Vacuum by LG

Hom-Bot is an automated smart vacuum cleaner by LG. Dubbed as a nightmare for dust particles, it has a square design and LG’s Dual Eye 2.0 system. It also has two front facing camera that essential converts it into a non-flying home drone too. And newsflash, these cameras allow it to also function as your home security guard while you are away. The bot comes with an app support through which it can inform you about any movements in the house while you are away. Moreover, you can send text commands to your Hom-Bot through the messaging feature of the app and instruct it to clean your house in various pre set modes. It will be released soon in the coming months.

Price – Not Available Yet



Smart Discovery Wall Oven By Dacor

Dacor’s smart oven is your kitchen pal that uses a built in tablet called the Discovery IQ Controller to help you cook that perfect meal even without any chef skills. The IQ Controller comes with a Discovery IQ Cooking app that assists you in setting the details like optimum temperature and time for each dish and thus eliminating the need of hit and trial altogether. You can select the dish you want to cook in the simple menu and enter the details like weight or quantity to be cooked, enter the raw material and the oven will take care of the rest. Once the dish is ready, it will notify you on your smartphone through the extension app so that you can easily manage even if you leave the kitchen.



                                                           Image courtesy : pcworld

Price – $4,499 for a 30″ Single Wall Oven; $7,499 for a Double Wall Oven


I admit the name is a bit amusing but the security it offers is not. Okidokeys are smart lock-key system for your homes that uses your smartphone to unlock your home door. The best part, as compared to some other smart locking systems is that they work in coordination with your existing locks. So there is no need for replacing your old locks with Okidokeys. You can easily create multiple keys with the smartphone app that too with specific time expiration details. Therefore through this you can remotely control who enters your home and when. The unlocking system is not just limited to smartphones, Okidokeys also have a line of wrist bands for kids that can automatically unlock the door with just a swipe. Even with your smartphones, it has a hands-free mode that automatically unlocks the door once you get near it. The service is perfect for those bad neighborhoods.



Price – Packages range from $189 to $359 based on features.

Smart Vent by Keen

Keen is bringing a line of smart vents for your home that can actually help you bring down those cooling and heating bills. The vent has in built temperature and pressure sensors that help the air to effectively circulate throughout your home. And what’s more, they look classy. The extension app for your smartphone helps you to create custom temperature zones throughout the house according to your needs. Keen’s aim is to eliminate those random and uncomfortable cold and hot spots in your home. Hence you should go for this one if you are an avid user of air conditioning systems as it will help you save money.



Price –  Not Available yet


Since numerous products are showcased at the CES every year, this is not an exhaustive list but merely the one which caught our eye. For further reading about the CES happenings, you can check out the line of Smart Lightbulbs introduced by Sengled this year. Comment and tell us more about the products that you liked the most in CES 2015 which can be added to the list.

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