How to Control Android Phone from PC to Share and Play Around

There are many scenarios where you wished you knew how to control Android phone from PC. For example, you have a presentation on your smartphone that you want to give at a moment’s notice. With cloud storage becoming a household name, more and more people are looking for ways to manage multiple devices using a single utility.

For people like me who love playing mobile games on a bigger screen, the ability to control an Android-powered smartphone using a PC can be a blessing. Imagine using your keyboard and mouse to play Asphalt 8 on the big screen!

There are many other reasons to have an arrangement like this work, for example, when you have to copy a link or a piece of text from one device to another, or when you have to respond to a text message sent by your friend.

While there is no dearth of apps and services that you can use to remote control Android phone, I will share two of the best apps available on the market that will make the process easy as a breeze.


how to control android phone from pc - vysor

Vysor is a cool piece of tech that will allow you to gain full control of and operate Android mobile from PC, yes, full control, and it is available for Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Windows. Koushik Dutta, the brain behind Vysor, has left no stone unturned when building this neat and amazing app.

You can use any app you want, browse your files, open or download apps, play games, and do a lot more using your keyboard and mouse to type and point and click.

The app is available in two flavors. The free version will allow you to mirror and control your Android device with ease and let you handle screenshots. How many times have you taken a screenshot on your smartphone and had to upload it to Dropbox before you could access it on your laptop?

The pro version of the app will offer advanced features like high quality mirroring, wireless access, fullscreen mode, drag and drop files, Vysor share, and free access to all future features. I really loved the drag and drop file feature.

how to control android phone from pc - vysor 2

If you want to test drive the app, you can access full features at $2.5/mon or $10/yr or alternatively, you can go ahead and buy the lifetime licence for $40. You will be able to upgrade once you have downloaded the free version on your chosen device.

One feature that was recently added to the app is the ability to share control of your Android device with others. This can come in handy when you want to troubleshoot something inside an app and want someone else to show you how.

Note: Before you move forward with Vysor, if you are looking to learn how to control Android phone from PC, you will need to install the required drivers first. For Windows users only; you will need ADB drivers (direct download) and have to enable USB debugging on your Android phone. To do the latter, open Settings, go to Developer Options and click “Enable Developer Options”. Then go to USB Debugging and enable that.

Download: Vysor

How to Control Android Phone from PC

After you have installed the app and the drivers, you will need to perform a search for “Nearby Devices” and choose the device you want to gain control of. Once the mirroring begins, you can use your mouse to point and click, or you can use keyboard shortcuts to move around and type. Here are some handy shortcuts we found:

  • Escape key – Back button
  • F1 – Android Menu
  • Home – Home on Android

Apower Mirror

how to control android phone from pc - vysor - apower mirror

Apower Mirror by ApowerSoft is another app that will allow you to achieve similar results. Apart from all the features that are available on Vysor, Apower Mirror will also allow you to record your phone screen in video mode.

The free version of the app will allow you to do everything you will get with Vysor in the paid version, but with one caveat. The free version will come with a watermark. And the licencing agreement prohibits you to use the app for commercial purposes.

The personal version is priced at $12.95 which will remove all watermark from your screenshots and videos but still won’t allow you to use the app commercially. Apower Mirror commercial version comes with a yearly subscription but we were unable to verify the price.

So, now you know how to control Android phone from PC using two of the best apps that I have personally reviewed and used for Android mirroring. They work as advertised and offer a better sync between your mobile and PC.

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