How to Find an Ad on Facebook That You Liked and Clicked On?

So you have been surfing Facebook going through your day’s feed right after you woke up in the morning. You are scrolling through your feeds when you see this ad of a product/service that interests you. You click on it to see what’s it all about and then, unsurprisingly, you forget about it. With so many things vying for our attention these days, we are hardly able to keep track of our activities and thoughts. So, the next day or maybe a few days later, you suddenly remember about that ad but just can’t place it in your mind. What was the site’s name? What do I type in Google? Sometimes, even Google can’t answer these questions and you are left frustrated with empty thoughts. You don’t know how to find an ad on Facebook that you had liked and clicked on a few days back.

Don’t worry cause we have got you covered. I mean, Facebook has got you covered. Facebook is free as all social media platforms are, but at the heart of it is ads that power its business side of things. So, to make it easy for its users, Facebook allows you to revisit that old ad that has been nagging at the back of your mind for so long, and we will show you how.

How to Find an Ad on Facebook

Facebook has a feature called Recent Ad Activity. This neat little feature was recently rolled out, in the September of 2017 to be precise. This is where all your clicked ads are stored. But, there is a drawback that we will discuss at the end of this article. For now, let’s find out how this works and how you can access this hidden feature.

Open Facebook on your Android or iOS powered smartphone. There is an option “more” and when you click on it and scroll some more, you will find another option “Recent Ad Activity.

How to Find an Ad on Facebook

Upon clicking this option, you will see a list of all the ads that you have clicked on during your time on Facebook. The feature was launched recently so it will only contain clicked ads on or after the feature was rolled out in your country.

Yes, the feature, at the time of writing this guide, is not available for all users in all locations. Facebook is yet to make an official announcement and it is unclear on what basis the feature is being rolled out. Eventually, we believe this feature will be available for all.

Another thing to note is that the Recent Ad Activity tab is not visible on desktop and laptops. You can only access this feature on your smartphone. I am not sure why desktops and laptops were left out of the equation but that’s how it is for now.

When you are served ads, there is an option to save it for later use. You can save an ad by tapping the three dots at the top right of the ad. Now, when you visit Recent Ad Activity, you will see that there is another tab at the top which says “Saved”. This is where you will see all the ads that you have saved. This will save time as, over time, you might end up clicking and interacting with a lot of ads. Saving them for later reference will save time and effort.

You must remember that you will only be able to see ads that you have clicked on. You will not see all the ads that you have been served over the course of your Facebook usage. So, if you have clicked on an ad and it took you somewhere, you will be able to revisit the “site” again using this neat little feature. So now you know how to find an ad on Facebook that you interacted with and remembered.

It is like a bookmarking feature for Facebook ads where your ads activities are saved for you to revisit at a later point in time. This little feature could be a boon for advertisers who are always happy when you interact with their ads, and even more so, when you save them for later reference. If you are advertiser, check your ad manager for more info.

Let us know if it helped.

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