How Many Facebook Users Joined From Your Facebook Invitation?

If you have a Facebook account, you can send Facebook friend invitations from your email address, which is a Win-Win situation for the social networking site and it’s users. Users can connect with their email contacts on Facebook and the social site gets new users, which is cool.

The friend invitation procedure of Facebook works quite naturally – you login to your Facebook account, go to the Facebook friend importer page and sign in with your email credentials. Next, you can invite all or selected email contacts (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) to Facebook and request them to sign up for their own Facebook account.

Quite lately, Facebook added the contacts importer for fan pages too which allows Facebook page admins to send Fan page recommendations to an email list. While Facebook does not allows users to export email addresses of Facebook friends and contacts, you can always try workarounds like Yahoo, Windows Live or Skype.

Know How Many Users Joined Facebook From Your Friend Invitation

If you are curious to know how many users have joined Facebook because of your email invitation, go to The page shows the exact number of Facebook profiles who signed up for a new account, clicking your friend invitation link from their email inbox. Following is the example when I tried Facebook’s “Impact” page:

199 ? That’s huge.

The page also shows a list of your Facebook friends who sent the maximum number of email invitations to their email contacts, you can again click the “Invite More friends” button and follow the usual procedure to send friend invitations to your Email contacts.

As far as I remember, I never sent any Facebook friend invitations to my email contacts and neither did I used the fan page contacts importer. I never upload my email contact credentials to any social networking website, because of their spammy nature and repetitive email pitches.

As it turns out, some of my Orkut friends were mistakenly sent a Facebook invitation when I was trying the link my Orkut and Facebook account’s a couple of months back. I am not entirely sure, but this could be one of the reasons. ( h/t labnol)

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