How People Use Twitter [Infographic]

Remember the last time we posted about the male female ratio in social networking websites ? Flowtown has come up with another brilliant infographic about Twitter users, who is using Twitter and how they are using it

The above Facts and figures on Twitter users put some light on the following observations.

  • The age group which comprises of the maximum Twitter audience is between 18-29. Example: College students, Office employees etc
  • According to the infographic, the educational level of Twitter users is poor – only 9 % of the total Twitter users are graduates while 5% have attended a high school. I am not sure how the data was evaluated.
  • The ratio of Male tweets to their female counterparts is close, out of every 10 men there are 9 female Twitter users.
  • The number of active Twitter users is however very less – only 1/4th of the entire Twitter audience actively Tweet and share links through out the day.

What is being Shared on Twitter?

If you are curious what do people share most on their Twitter profiles, the above infographic gives the following clues:

  • 20% of the entire Twitter audience post personal updates and messages, quotes etc.
  • Only 10 % of the Twitterverse post work related updates
  • 5% of the Twitter audience share their location and 5 % of the Twitter users share videos with their friends.
  • 20 % of Twitter users Retweet other’s tweets while 15 % of the Twitter users share links to interesting and breaking news stories
  • 10 % of the entire Twitter users send Direct messages to their friends or followers

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