How to Allow Particular App to Show Notifications on Do not Disturb

Every new OS for mobile or PC always brings some new features. Android 5.0 aka Android Lollipop was not an exception since several new features made their debut through Android L. For instance, the Do Not Disturb mode, which disables all the notifications from appearing and sounding so that you can concentrate on your other job for a longer time.

Previously, Android came with Silent mode that generally turns off all sound and notifications at once. But, Do Not Disturb is quite different from that. There are some other advanced features those were included in that very older Android version. But, this time, the same feature (Do Not Disturb) has got a revamp. Three new options have been included under Do Not Disturb. Those are as follows,

  • Total silence – it does what it says. You cannot get anything. In simple words, it works just like the earlier Silent Mode.
  • Alarms only – As the name says, it will help you to get only alarms.
  • Priority only – This is one of the most useful features out there since it helps users to choose whether he/she wants to get notifications from a particular app or not.

Therefore, if you are quite time concerning person, who doesn’t want to waste his/her time on social network or doing anything else but, wants to get all important notifications, here you go. This post will let you show how to put an app on white list so that it can show all the notifications and block others.

Allow Particular App to Show Notifications on Do not Disturb

Android Marshmallow

This is however very easy with the help of Priority only feature that comes under Do not disturb. As mentioned before, this is one of the best features of Android Marshmallow. This mode will let you choose whether an app should sound for the notifications or not.

To allow an app, do follow these subsequent steps. At first, open Settings and go to Sound & notification. Then, scroll down and tap on Do not disturb.

Here you will get App notifications.

Now, on the next screen, all the installed apps will be listed. You can find all the apps those show notifications for any reason. Suppose, you want to block notifications from Facebook Messenger. For that, just tap on that respective icon to open the settings. Here, you will get an option called Treat as priority.

Allow Particular App to Show Notifications on Do not Disturb

Just toggle the button to turn it ON.

That’s all! Now, you just have to put your phone on Priority only mode that is under Do not disturb.

In this example, we have used Facebook Messenger. But, you can get the same settings for all the other apps you have. Just select the app that want to get notifications for and put your phone on that particular mode. It will help you to skip all the other notifications.

If you want to block particular app from showing heads up notifications, check out this guide.

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