Getting Caught Ditching Someone Can Be Embarrassing, If Not All, You Can Keep It Hidden From Your Facebook Friends

First of all, I’m not endorsing this idea. Yet it seems to be one of the the main reason. Ditching your love, then again updating as “Single” does bring some real embarrassing comments or an already aching heart needs not any consoling comment to get reminded of the pain. If you feel the same way, it is definitely a reason why you won’t want to share your changed Facebook relationship status. Or in any case if you wanna know, here is quick tutorial on how you can hide your Facebook relationship status.

Log in to your Facebook account and follow the steps below in order to change your Facebook relationship status without getting it showed up on your friends news feed or under your recent activities.

1. Customize your sharing settings by going to Account > Privacy Settings.


2. Use the Customize settings button below to edit the sharing settings.


3. Now under the section Things I share, you will find and entry named Relationships. Now using the right drop-down choose Custom.


4. Now in the new screen, choose Only Me under the section Make this visible to. This way nobody will be able to view your relationship status at all. If you choose to hide from some specific people, use the section just below it. Enter their names by typing them in the space provided.

change-facebook-relationship-status-only-meNow this will logically do the trick but for some (as reported on certain forums) the update was still showing. So to be sure of the fact that any change in your Facebook relationship status will no longer show up on your friends news feed follow any of the next steps.

1. As soon as you change the status you have take some immediate action and remove it from your updates. Go to your wall by clicking the Profile link to the top right corner of the screen and use the cross (x) mark to the right of the relationship status update under Recent Activity. This will ensure that nobody will see that update anymore.


2. Go to the page (Edit Profile > Featured People) for changing your relationship status and select the blank option from the drop-down. Refer screenshot below.

change-facebook-relationship-status-selectNow that you know you can simply stop your love life from being showed up on friends’ news feed, you can atleast be safe from getting nasty comments or likes from the world. However, as per Facebook is concerned, I share as less as I can. If you do not want to show your relationship status, what is point of changing your Facebook status anyway? Just leave it blank (the one I showed in the very last step) until you are stuck forever (read Married). Just kidding.


  1. This was really helpful.

    Sometimes it’s just nice for people to be able to see your relationship on your wall, but without making a big, in your face, song and dance about it all over everyone’s news feed 


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